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The New Ancestors UK is a legacy project, to teach children black history through creativity. Jade Sullivan is a stylist, writer, and curator with an insatiable passion for vintage fashion and style.

With a love for old photography and videos of our amazing ancestors, she has used iconic historical imagery as creative direction to inspire her latest shoot: ‘Black British Power – The Freedom Equity Party’.

This first shoot for our new photography and video project will follow our little people – the ancestors of our future.  Our children teach us every day, they are old clever souls, with so much wisdom and knowledge in their DNA. It will capture and track our team of children, giving birth to a creative community. Set to document how our children digest their black world history, capture their growth, and how their ideas of the world develop. We will observe what kind of people they become inside their beautiful, conscious, and nurturing family hubs.

This is a creative collective team project. Jade pulled together a team of like-minded individuals, merging their creative superhero talents. An added bonus is that by the help of their ancestors, the majority of the team have been blessed and given birth to beautiful children, granting us a captive pool of talent to shoot.

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Jade Sullivan @thesullivanslondon Creative Director, Writer & Vintage Stylist (Twins Benjamin & Eva Rose @afrotwinslondon & #MiracleMae)
Kivanc  @7kivanc7 Art Director of Photography (Daughter Roxcie) Pavel Video Director Can’t Stop Fashion @cantstopfashion_official Neisha @msdiazzz Project Manager (Son Jett) & Robert Douglas @this_father_life (Son J) his team @signaturepicturesacademy A wonderful black youth team filming, & learning their craft on live jobs. John @artbymurvellous Set Art & Design @yellowcroftevents @murvellous Nicole @nic_li  Hair Stylist. Ninna @beauty_in_squares Props & Set (Daughter Catherine @_catherine_o)
Kids shoes sponsored by @Kickerskidsuk Use of Hall sponsored by Special thank you to Dean Ricketts @dricketts & Rap Saunders @rapsaunders son of Darcus Howe